• Start your own business

    Achieve financial independence and gain a new source of income. By starting your own business, you take control of your success, allowing for the pursuit of personal projects and increasing your earnings.

  • Create your own work schedule

    How about having free time to enjoy your family and engage in other activities? Being a semi-jewelry reseller allows you to create your own work schedule, even with remote appointments through your social media.

  • Low initial investment

    Start your own business with little money. Just place an order within our minimum wholesale value and take advantage of our special payment terms.

Fashion trends

Here at Areiana, the new stuff keeps rolling in! We release collections regularly so you can stock up your inventory with the latest fashion trends that are rocked by digital influencers and celebrities.

Photos and Videos for Social Media

Utilize our professional photos and videos as supporting material for your sales. This makes it easier for your customers to visualize the details of the jewelry and make purchases quickly.

Customize Your Display

Areiana offers individual pieces from each collection, meaning you can choose and create sets according to your preferences without the need for a minimum quantity of each item.

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