Areiana, founded in 2023, was created with the purpose of solving our clients' problems. With 7 years of experience in the retail and wholesale market, our team has been able to identify the challenges faced by our clients and tailor our activities to instill confidence and simplify the jewelry purchasing process.

We have a specialized team in photography to provide professional, high-resolution photos with details, ensuring that the jewelry is not distorted or altered. Our goal is to present the jewelry as close to reality as possible for our clients, allowing you to choose your jewelry with confidence, knowing what you will receive.

We invest in technology to create an advanced digital experience that streamlines the purchasing process. This ensures personalized and efficient service for you.

We seek the best shipping solutions to avoid inflating the cost of purchasing jewelry, enabling cost savings.

Our trained customer-focused team aims to deliver fast and quality service, ensuring that you feel valued during the purchasing process and spend only the necessary time to make your purchase.

We operate 24/7 across all customer service channels, providing personalized assistance when and where you choose.

We are dedicated to understanding our clients' needs, working with active listening to bring the jewelry that our clients' audience desires. This ensures a constant stream of new items that your customers are looking for.

We offer our support and sales knowledge to our clients, providing resources to facilitate the sale of our jewelry, including product photos and assistance with sales planning when requested. This allows you to boost your sales more rapidly.

All of this work is done to maintain a strong relationship with our clients!