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Hugs And Kisses Bracelet


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Bracelet with hugs and kisses link with micro pave application and tennis clasp. This bracelet is 18k gold filled.

Measures: 8mm (0.31 inch) x 18.5cm (7.28inch)

Weight: 15.46g (0.54oz)

Share with your customers: How to take care of your Jewelry?

Our bling is fancy but needs a little "tender loving care" to stay fabulous.
Keep away from chemicals and cleaning products in general. It's best to take off your piece when your'e taking care of it.
Skip the perfume when you're rocking your jewelry. Perfume can mess with it over time because of the alcohol. So, spritz away, wait a bit, then put on your favorite piece.
For cleaning, mild soap and water do the trick. Wash your jewelry with soap and water for everyday cleaning. Dry it well, and if you're in a hurry, a blow dryer works.
Use a soft cloth to give your pieces a good shine. If your bling gets a bit dark from things like chemicals or your body, a clean cloth can buff it right up.
Store it right. Find a clean, dry spot for your jewelry. Don't let it soak up too much sun, humidity, or hang out with scented or colorful stuff. Most important rule: show your jewelry some love always!

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Hugs And Kisses Bracelet
Hugs And Kisses Bracelet
Hugs And Kisses Bracelet
Hugs And Kisses Bracelet
Hugs And Kisses Bracelet


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